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Cage Football: The ultimate game of football skill

Up and down the country footballers are being locked in cages to engage in one of the latest crazes sweeping Europe. Originating in the Netherlands Cage Football sees two teams of two battle it out in an action packed games lasting 2 or 3 minutes; cage football takes one of the best loved games on the planet and crams it into a fast paced and exciting 2 minutes.

The football cages can be set up almost anywhere that is flat. This makes them easy to reach the people you want to as you can take the cage to them. The sheer presence of the cage will always get you noticed making it perfect for events, corporate entertainment or outreach in the community. Some inner cities have already used cage football as a way to change the community for the better in a bid to tackle street crime and gang culture.

How do I Play?

As with normal football when the time is up the team with the most goals win UNLESS...... you perform a nutmeg. By dribbling the ball through your opponent's legs and collecting it on the other side you win automatically (regardless of the time or score).

Click here to see full set of rules

“It's not about the long ball or the short ball,
it's about the right ball.”

Bob Paisley

Not a footballer?
Not a problem!

Cage Football originates from the Netherlands and is designed to encourage players to play ‘Total Football’ helping them develop the skills that made the Dutch such a force in the 1970's and 80's.

The enclosed cage environment means you are never far from the action, and even if your kick doesn't go how you planned, it's never long till you are back in the middle of the action. Cage Football is fun and motivating for players all abilities, helping them to develop a variety of skills.


  • Dribbling and taking on players
  • Amazing close ball control
  • Football intelligence
  • Perfectly timed tackling
  • Precision shooting
  • Coordination and reactions

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