About us


Our focus as an organisation goes beyond delivering an excellent service at high profile or low key sports tournaments, corporate events or family fun-days. We believe that the presence of, and participation in Cage Football has the potential to bring a new energy and passion to areas, communities and people that have potentially been forgotten with other sports or projects.

We believe in our product and our business. We have seen its impact with our own eyes and once you have seen this, there really is no going back to not wanting to make another person smile or consider participating in sport. We strive for excellence in all we do –  from the cage itself, to our staff, to the execution of every event we manage. We are passionate about people and sport and Cage Football UK excels in working with both of these.

Our vision:
We want Cage Football UK to be a catalyst for bringing people together in a positive environment, motivating them to enjoy sports and focus even for a short while, on having a goal (both in the cage and outside of it).

We want Cage Football UK to give those without confidence in themselves or their abilities encouragement; those without the money or means to play regular football a chance to ‘have a go’ and for everyone to simply improve their health, mental attitude and day.

We want Cage Football UK to help reclaim the streets, parks and people of this country for a positive purpose.

“If you have no will to change it, you have no right to criticise it.” (Anonymous)

We don't want to criticise our country, youth, or people who do not engage in sport – we want to change it!

Join us in our vision

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