Buying a Football Cage

About The Cages

The cages have been developed over several years to create a portable football cage specifically for playing Cage Football up to a professional level.

The cages are made up of 20 individual metal-mesh panels of galvanised steel. One panel has a door made from the same material as the other panels. All of the frames are thermal galvanised after manufacturing to ensure they withstand even the most brutal conditions.

If desired, powder coating of the frames in a variety of colours is a possibility.

The football cages are handmade to order and therefore take a minimum of 7 weeks to arrive (however in periods of high demand this may increase to 10 weeks). Please account for this when considering your requirements.

Cage Football UK forwards the manufacturer's 2 Year Guarantee against corrosion and damage. However the cages should withstand INTENSIVE use for many more years when carefully set up, transported and stored.

If any faults are found to be due to a manufacturing error then specialised Cage Football technicians will sent to repair your cage at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU.

Setting Up Your Cage

The cages have been designed to be portable and can be set up at a variety of locations and surfaces (e.g. indoor,outdoor, grass, astroturf, sand, concrete).

The individual panels can be easily fitted together to create a cage that you can increase or decrease in size to suit your needs.

Whilst it is possible to set up the cage by yourself it is recommended that 2 people do this. No tools are required to assemble or dismantle the cage, both of which take around 30minutes.

Storing And Transporting Your Cage

The panels are rectangular making it easy to stack the cage for convenient storage or to safely transport it from location to location with either a van or a trailer.

What Else Is Included?

When you order your own hand-made to order cage we will also include:

  • FREE DELIVERY from the Netherlands to anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales.
    (we are happy to arrange delivery to other countries including the USA but this may result in an additional charge)
  • OUR 2 YEAR GUARENTEE to ensure complete satisfaction when you purchase from us.
  • VAT, thats right all our prices include VAT.
  • A ONE DAY WORKSHOP Cage Football UK will spend the day with you and your designated people/coaches to ensure you get the most from your cage.

This will include:

  • How to set up the cage.
  • How to correctly store and transport your cage.
  • How to play Cage Football.
  • How to referee Cage Football.
  • How to use your cage at events.

Price calculator

You can use this handy price calculator to work out how much various configurations and multiple items of cage equipment will cost.

If you're ready to make purchase, simply fill in your name, e-mail and a contact telephone number at the bottom of this form, then click ‘submit’ and we will contact you shortly.

Item Description Quantity Price Total
Small Cage (height: 2m) 12450
Medium Cage (height: 2.5m) 12950
Large Cage (height: 3m) 13450
Small Cage Trailer 2500
Medium Cage Trailer 2750
Large Cage Trailer 3000
Single Basketball Hoop 650
Basketball Hoop Set 1100
    Grand Total: £

Cage Football and YFC

If you are interested in purchasing a cage for your local area but are not sure about running one please let us know as we work closely with the charity YFC.

In some situations YFC may be able to handle the running and maintenance of your cage for you free of charge.

You can click here to find out the nearest YFC centre to you.

Interested in buying?

If you are interested in purchasing Cage Football equipment please get in touch by e-mailing us:

or by completing this short form:

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